The Story Creating Experience

“Cuba book” by @Doug88888 is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

For the past six months we have taken time out of our LA class to write stories. To help with our story writing we have been working with author, Frances Dowell.

While working on a book we were tasked with a few specific things that would help us with the strength of our writing. Some of these including a good introduction scene that lures your reader in, Sticks and stones problems in the plot to help spread out the action and lots of other things that helped us improves out writing.

After we had majorly completed our writing we read a small section of our story to Frances Dowell. This was very interesting and unique experience because you’re reading your own book, your own creation to an actual author. But not only did we get feedback from Frances Dowell herself; we also got feedback from our fellow peers and classmates. This really helps us because we get to see another perspective, another eye in the story. Not to mention it also helped with any anxiety we had with speaking into a crowd of people.

We put lots of time and effort into our stories. The time that we took really paid off and I think I stand by most people that I am proud of the story that I have created.

To find out more about Frances Dowell, please visit:


Window or Mirror

In language arts we are learning if a book is either a window or mirror. A window book means that you’re looking into the environment that you’re almost looking into a new world different from your own, and in most places you can’t really connect to it with your own experiences. While a mirror book is a book that you can connect to, “reflect” on so to speak. And on this post I’m going to talk about how I experience mirror and window moments from this book, Spy School.

I can definitely connect Spy school to being a window type book. Looking into this espionage type environment is something that I can’t connect to but more thoroughly enjoy. While the setting can be similar as it’s not extremely “sci-fi,” I would still picture this book a more “mirror” book.

Well I think Spy School is more of a window book there are still some moments where I believe it is a mirror book. Because we follow a teenager named Ben Ripley, he still faces teenager circumstances that an average teenager would face. As well I can connect to the main characters feelings of going into an espionage environment and being confused but at the same time excited what the future can face.


My Daily Habit

A prelude to our daily habits was planking. We started at 10 second and slowly increased the time each day. This was the set up to our daily habits because it was something that we did on our remote and in school days.

What’s different from this and our daily habit is that we can decide what we want our daily habit to be. And this brings us to our daily habit.

My daily habit for January was to get outside more, especially on my remote days. I wanted to do this because I felt I wasn’t getting outside enough on my remote days, so I wanted to change that. Overall, I think it was a great experience but looking back I don’t think I enjoyed it as much as I thought. With this daily habit I have to drop everything I’m doing and go outside where I want my daily habit to be something I can do passively and throughout  the day. My new habit for February will be to hydrate more because I have some basketball tournaments coming up and I want to stay hydrated. 

I’m excited for their daily habit in February, but at the same time I want to see if it like or dislike water more at the end of this month.

Punctuation Stories

To me, I feel that periods are just your average Joe’s. They do their job and that’s about all they do. As well periods are probably party stompers because of the fact they come in and stop a sentence in its tracks. I’m a period when I try to prevent people from coming in my room or when I stop people from interrupting me when I’m doing something.


Probably one of the coolest punctuation symbols, “…” Are very suspenseful. They probably like movies with lots of cliffhangers and love horror movies for their, “what will happen next.” I can imagine myself being one of these symbols when I’m telling a very interesting story and I’m constantly moving from one suspenseful scene to another.


Exclamation points are by far the most excited, energetic and out there of all the symbols. They love fast paced action movies/shows. I’m an exclamation point after I do something really exciting or something that bumps up in a really special way! For example making a three in basketball or having a really good meal.


Question marks are the most suspenseful of the group. They’re the ones who “cough or choke in Fremont or everybody to make it seem that they’re in danger, when in reality he’s just playing a joke and putting his friend in cliffhangers. I’m a question mark when I’m really sure about something. For example I’m confused about a strategy I see online for a game. Like, “How does this work?” Or “How did they do that?”


My Daily Habit + Plank

In my L.A class we have been planking. To make it more challenging we have been increasing the time my ten seconds everyday we are at school. Some of the things that were challenging was the whole mindset. A big part of planking is the mindset, you need to constantly say to your self “I can do it.” On my final plank time on my own I was able to get 2:47 seconds. I’m pretty proud of the time considering how much I’ve improved.

In L.A we have been given the challenge of setting a daily goal. Whether it be to read, get outside more, or improve at a sport, everyones habits are different and unqiue in their own way. My daily habit was to get outside more. I have been doing this by going on runs with my family. In the days where I’m to tired to run. I try to spend some time outside and get some fresh air if I’ve been inside for to long.

Interesting Online Week

They’re loads of things that can help you win indoors. I’m here to share to you all some fo the things that helped me through online school and beyond. First up: reading. An overall great use of you time. Helps the brain and can open you idea to new and interesting thought. Even better if you have a hard copy,  asks it easier in the eyes. As well: spending time with you family! Need I explain, especially if you don’t an activity with your family. Such as bored games. (Monopoly’s my favorite.)









Interesting Story and Science Project

In science we had this really fun project which involved making a heat shield to protect the heat form re-entry. I loved making and testing this project and it probably was the best project we’ve done this year in science. As well I’ve been reading Spy School, a great book, and I’ve really enjoyed reading it. I’m about 1/3 of the way done.

The Tiger’s Whisker

This is my comic! Hand drawn in Sketchbook. I found Sketchbook to be the easiest drawing app for me and it was the app I used for all the illustrations. My favorite part was definitely drawing the doctor office scene and the tiger in the last panel. I really liked how this comic came out and happy that I could finish off this year with a fun project.


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